For more than 20 years, we have helped arts organisations, venues, galleries and attractions process millions of tickets, look after their patrons and grow their organisation’s capabilities.

PatronBase is made up of arts aficionados and passionate programmers. Our team likes to look at an organisation’s challenge and come up with a solution fit to suit the organisation’s size, budget and future plans.

Our expertise supporting the performing arts, schools, community theatres, galleries and attractions comes from first-hand experience as arts practitioners, attentive audience members and software partners.

Crafting region-specific arts management software

Big enough to innovate, small enough to care. Our team operates locally and across the globe with one common goal: to help you build an audience your way.

From each head of region to our tech and customer service teams, PatronBase blends tech and arts expertise. It’s what we are known for. We are proud to have grown our organisation alongside our customers, responding to their needs and refining our products along the way.

Got some questions?

Checkout our FAQ’s

One of the key aspects of our offer is our support. Whether you sign-up for one product or a family of products, our customer service team is right by your side. Please get in touch if you would like more information beyond our FAQs.

Probably! Our products are designed to suit organisations of all sizes. From one product to do one job, to a suite of products that can cover a range of requirements. Plus we provide local customer support.

Yes! You’re in charge of all your information. You can sell your own tickets, track and talk to your audience, keep production records and manage audience relationships.

Yes. PatronBase is hosted globally on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Your information is kept securely with individual logins and permission levels to tailor access.

We believe we need to fit operationally as well as technically, so we tailor costs to your circumstance. Contact us to talk through your needs.

Any CAPEX process also has a small, ongoing OPEX charge. However it is also possible to be completely subscription based.

All our PatronBase products integrate with one another. Our products also integrate with a comprehensive set of industry-specific tools.

We get you up and running with training in any new products. After that, we have a customer service team that can answer most queries within 24 hours via Freshdesk.