Build queries for deeper knowledge

Gain greater insights into your audience or visitors, and save money with more effective marketing. Our query builder is a clever piece of software that allows you to search for specific characteristics from amongst your patrons.

You can query your audience by grouping key characteristics together (membership tier, gender, age, region, donation amount) and buying behaviour – by show, attendance or ticket type.

Save and export information easily

Not only does our Marketing module help you to connect more effectively with your patrons, it is also easy for your team to use. Run in conjunction with our CRM module, individual records can be used to build queries by attributes, while marketing lists are easily generated.

Frequently run queries can be saved and run again and again and will pick up any new records. Meanwhile marketing and mailing lists can be exported in a range of formats including .CSV and Excel.

All the features you need

Market more effectively to your patrons
  • Track patrons’ attendance and preferences
  • Gain insights into patron behaviour
  • Use our intuitive query builder
  • Save frequently run queries
  • Build marketing lists effortlessly
  • Target marketing efforts
  • Export to a range of formats and 3rd party tools

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PatronBase offers you key features

Marketing with us supports your team and financial health:

  • Gives you a view of patron interactions
  • Allows you to identify behaviour and patterns
  • Enables list building and saved queries
  • Promotes more effective marketing