User friendly, intuitive and well designed

A booking system that gets you and your venue management team on the same page quickly and easily. Designed to assist organisations with spaces to hire – whether a single theatre, multi-space venue or community centre.

PatronBase’s Venue Manager system also integrates with our software family, including our ticketing system and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to link patron records. Standard (and customisable templates) support easy reporting, booking confirmation and invoicing.

Clear views and customisable for enhanced management

A quick glance view tells you and your team everything booked (or available to be booked) in your venue. Switch between views to get a daily, weekly, or monthly overview of bookings.

It’s easy to add events and can even alert you to timetable clashes! Create repeat bookings, link events to customers, block out no-go times. Customise your Venue Manager to record staff resourcing, technical requirements, catering and FOH details.

All the venue management features you need

Manage your venue with ease
  • Easy to set up, ideal for teams
  • Fully integrated with CRM and ticketing
  • One button to convert a booking to tickets on sale
  • Option for direct online venue hire registrations
  • Clear, visual displays for a quick overview
  • Customisable options to capture key info
  • Reporting templates with your brand embedded

Our venue manager solution is used by these partners

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Venue Manager with PatronBase offers you key features

Designed with our partner’s real world experiences, we offer:

  • Flexible and intuitive booking system
  • A collective view of bookings for the whole team
  • Integration with our CRM and ticketing systems
  • Customisable reports for invoicing and tracking bookings
  • Full support from our customer service team