Helping to build a thriving arts community through innovative arts management software that allows our arts partners to grow an audience their way.

PatronBase began in 1998 in Christchurch, Aotearoa New Zealand to initially support one of the city’s best loved theatres with their ticketing. A eureka moment followed! From one arts organisation at the bottom of the world, we grew quickly to support arts organisations of every size throughout New Zealand and Australia before expanding further internationally.

Think global, act local

While still New Zealand owned, PatronBase now operates in the United Kingdom and Ireland, Spain, United States and Canada, with local partners ably supporting each country’s arts community.

Along with our global expansion, we also grew our product base. With more than 200 customers around the world, we are grateful to our community of arts and venue managers for providing feedback on our products so that we can continue to iterate and add even more value to our offering.

Having established ourselves as a leader in the market with our product range and expertise, we continue to evolve and devise new ways to support our arts community and their audiences.