Record entry and exit and attendance numbers

Knowing if all your guests, or an audience has arrived, means the show can go up on time (or be held for a few minutes more). Using a hand held mobile device, patrons can be scanned in quickly and easily and their entry recorded.

Should you wish to track exits, Entry Manager can also be used to scan people leaving. The benefit of this is you have an accurate record of arrivals and departures, and can use dwell time as a tool to profile how long a patron demographic spends in your venue or attraction.

Track occupancy for H&S

Being a good host means knowing who is in the building at any time, and fulfilling your duty of care as part of your health and safety responsibilities. Tracking entry and exit to your venue with a hand held mobile device that scans all types of tickets allows you to do this.

Real time occupancy shows visitor numbers and how many audience members are in a performance space at any one time giving you an overview while on the move.

All the features you need

Entry Manager is designed to:
  • Record entry and exit across all ticket options
  • Give you an accurate view of occupancy
  • Track who has visited your venue, attraction, exhibition
  • Support your health and safety obligations
  • Be an easy, quick validation method
  • Integrate with PatronBase’s CRM and Ticketing
  • Integrates with NZ Vaccine Pass system

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PatronBase offers you key features

Entry Manager lets you manage your venue with ease:

  • Straightforward entry management
  • Gives you an accurate view of patron numbers
  • Provides a scanned exit option
  • Fulfils health and safety obligations