Comprehensive record keeping

The PatronBase Customer Relationship Management (CRM) offers a powerful tool to manage your relationships with your audience, from a birds-eye view to the granular: from an audience group to an individual patron.

Each individual record contains all the detail you need to manage your relationship including date of birth, gender, partner details, contact details and relationships between contacts. Custom fields can be added to build on the picture.

Tracking interactions

As well as recording the details of every audience member or visitor to your event or attraction, the PatronBase CRM records their interactions and sales history with your organisation.

In conjunction with other PatronBase products, VIP membership information can be recorded, as can any communications, ticket purchases, attendance at a particular event, session or season, donations and store purchases. This all helps to build up a complete picture of an individual’s relationship with your organisation which in turn enables personalised communications.

All the CRM features you need

Keep track of your audience and their engagement
  • One central contacts database
  • Comprehensive, secure record-keeping
  • A single view of all customer interactions
  • Build a picture for personalised service
  • Understand relationships between patrons
  • Links memberships, seasons packages and donations

Our CRM solution is used by these partners

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CRM with PatronBase offers you key features

Our offer is designed to support our community:

  • Full support from our customer service team
  • Captures patrons’ sales and communication history
  • Customisable fields to build out record keeping
  • Full reporting available for tracking and analysis
  • Integrate with all PatronBase modules