Rewarding your most ardent supporters

Friends, supporters or visitors, who enroll in our PatronPoints Loyalty programme benefit from receiving offers tailored to their preferences. They can track their points balance and history and can redeem points online or in venue.

A perfect way to reward your supporters. Benefits can be tiered to the support level with expiry date options that range from the indefinite, or variable to set dates. You can also exempt some products, and not others, from expiry or redemption.

Building your income through loyalty

The PatronPoints Loyalty programme can be used to gift, or discount, both tickets and products. For organisations with a friends, supporters or patrons membership base, tailoring and delivering benefits via PatronPoints saves time and effort.

PatronPoints also allows you to create offers designed to build revenue. This can be achieved by offering points to sessions and events that are a harder sell or down on attendance (with the added benefit of getting the word out), or offering discounts to bar or café items in quieter times.

All the Loyalty features you need

Reward supporters, encourage engagement
  • Patrons earn, track and redeem points easily
  • Benefits can be tailored and tiered
  • Engagement can be incentivised
  • Indefinite, variable or no expiry dates
  • Can be used across both tickets and products
  • Connects to patrons’ CRM records

Our PatronPoints solution is used by these partners

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PatronPoints Loyalty with PatronBase offers key features

Designed to reward, incentivise and grow your patron base:

  • Integration with CRM, QuickPOS, eCommerce
  • Patrons easily earn, track and redeem points
  • Benefits are tailored and tiered
  • Patron behaviour can be incentivised
  • Suitable for ticket and product rewards