Create a season, sell online and in venue

You set the seasons. Create a season or subscription package from your performance schedule. Include all, or specific, productions. This flexibility gives you the opportunity to sell on popularity, or ramp up sales to include a more challenging piece that offers your audience new experiences.

A full range of tickets – from the simple to the complex – can be sold both online and in venue. Integrated with our eCommerce and Ticketing modules, this equates to real time availability.

Support Patron preferences, encourage repeat sales

Recognise and support the preferences of your most committed attendees. PatronBase’s advanced features includes a one-touch renewal so Mrs Jones’ preference for seats 14 and 15, front row balcony are recorded and renewed each season across every performance.

Happy subscribers whose preferences are met are more likely to re-subscribe and attend new seasons, and are often your most valuable source of word of mouth promotion.

All the features you need

Create seasons and packages to attract subscribers
  • Sell subscriptions online or in venue
  • Build a single or multiple seasons
  • One-touch renewals for repeat subscribers
  • Fees and discounts can be set each season
  • Extra seats can be added when booking within a season
  • Realtime availability via eCommerce and Ticketing
  • Connects to patrons’ CRM records

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PatronBase offers you key features

Increase revenue with our Seasons and Packages module:

  • Integration with CRM, eCommerce, Ticketing
  • Subscriptions can be sold online or in venue
  • Seasons can be built across productions
  • Committed season holders are rewarded
  • Suitable for ticket and product rewards